Billionaire Beauty Tip

To have the perfect brows you need a great stylist who has a lot of experience shaping brows. Brow shaping is like having a perfect haircut and will enhance your whole face. I always say a perfect brow shape is like a mini face lift!.....and a whole lot cheaper!

You also need the right tools:

You need a great pair of tweezers, mine have a very unique shape and are harder for you to use when tweezing your own brows, so you would use a slant tweezer; a pair of brow scissors, again mine are unique with no loops to put your fingers inside. They are the best scissors out there for brow shaping; and last but not least you also need a duo spoolie brush, which is a brush with a spoolie on one end and an angled brow brush on the other...this is a must!

We do sell all the tools in our boutique, and can show you how to use them. So come and visit us!