Billionaire Brows Boutique Intro

Billionaire Brows is a specialty boutique offering the best in brow shaping and lash styling, and we also offer beauty services including waxing, electrolysis, flawless spray tans, makeup bar and nail bar.

When you step into the Billionaire Brows Boutique and sit with one of our stylists they will give you a consult on what is the best shape for you. They will then proceed to shape your brows. We believe that following as close to your natural brow line as possible is always best.

We use tweezing, threading or waxing if needed, although we believe that tweezing is the best form of brow shaping.

Why? Because it gives the cleanest and most precise shaping of any other method.

Follow along with us and we will give you the best tips for maintaining perfect brows and lashes.

Stay tuned!